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Membership Benefits
To provide our members peace of mind.
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Our online resource center provides added resources and other benefits to our members.
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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

At Western Pennsylvania Insurance Agencies (WPIA), our job is to provide our members peace of mind while not becoming a financial nor bureaucratic burden to our members. We are bound by a clear corporate culture that encompasses our traditions, values and goals to help our member agencies become the best independent insurance sales organizations they can possibly be.

Some of the benefits our Member Agencies enjoy are:

  • Increased Earnings - By aggregating premium volumes and loss ratios, we are able in increase commissions, contingencies and access preferred agency contract benefits.
  • Unique Education opportunities for new producers
  • Collective Advertising & Marketing Opportunities
  • Pooling of resources (Ex: Staples Program)
  • Added clout with common carriers
  • Shared Markets
  • Independence - Even though we work together as a cluster, you maintain 100% ownership of your agency, book of business, producer codes and commissions.
  • Carrier and Vendor Access - Through Western Pennsylvania Insurance Agencies (WPIA), we are able to represent more companies by spreading the production requirements across all of our agencies. Furthermore, we have built relationships with several industry related vendors for our members to take advantage of.
  • Opportunity to share infrastructure and marketing ideas with peers
  • Over 100,000,000 in written premium
  • Approximately 10%-15% increase to profit sharing volume
  • Security of both large numbers and geographical diversity
  • Perpetuation and Legacy Planning - At the time you wish to move, sell or merge your agency; we are able to assist in finding the right buyer as well as providing the tools necessary for a seamless transition.
  • Brokering Opportunities

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